not amused

Eye painting
5:27 PM


the streets             are

walking living breathing

love encapsulated                 differentiated

wringing       escaping, rolling

beneath the subway you can    hear                         can you hear?

the thump-thump of feet       small        feet large feet

shoes too big, flying                     look there

they do not lie          neither tapping feet nor screeching bird

across the moonlit neversleeping sprawling expanse dancing to the               beat

ba-dum           ba-dum

tangled up upside down love         ecstasy purified        in a

dreamlike incestuous exotic             alien beautiful orgasm

lied to, i did, kissing      pathologically, i am

{                         doyourememberlastnightunderthewillows

as the wind blows through us knocking down every tile every word you said

screeching motorcycles by the junctions red lights above your head }}

smiling            anger delightfully wrapped in a jar

         say, won’t you                                      feed me

        your past                 future, humanizing subsidies, FAITH —

                   understand             —                 (me)                 understand

               (i will never tell you here              is alone)

love me tenderly,                     you and i

what i build up                 i tear down

     watch on                                     love this city burn

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3:16 PM

6:32 AM"You have trouble feeling alive, so you stab your own heart just to feel something. It was the emptiness that was killing you. You created the sadness and the fear to fill it."

— Yasmin Mogahed (via mirroir)

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2:11 AM
2:07 AM

i just wanted to rp tonight and now i want to sleep but man CAN I EVEN

1:43 AM

needed: two therapists, pills, money, pain relievers, new and cheap ego

9:49 PM